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As this years #OWFallFest Chair I invite all of Risa to partake in the festivities on 12 November.

We are looking for individuals to facilitate discussion groups, presentations, live-RP sessions or triva events! It doesn't even have to be around Star Trek, as this is a celebration of all things role play; from Marvel, Star Wars, Dungeons & Dragons to your very own unique game, come along and have some fun.

Interested in facilitating something then email me at; sharr@obsidianfleet.net with details.

Past topics have included;
- Character development – Learning from the best characters in TV & Films
- We’re All In This Together: The Case For Collaborative Storytelling
- Role-play in the 26th Century (Live Role-play)
- LGBTQ themes and Star Trek
- Sci-fi & Fantasy themed Quiz
- Federation News Service: Live presidential debate (Live Role Play) See translation
'lo folks!
Did you know that Obsidian Fleet is undertaking projects in 2016, including the development of a new website? If you are interested in joining in on one of the projects, or even in helping run a project, then head over to our site and get in touch! www.startrekrisa.com/+f93b4ae5 #project2016

Obsidian Fleet: A Star Trek RPG

An online RPG community of people who love writing and Star Trek, Obsidian Fleet is the premier Star Trek sim group on the Internet. We offer a variety of Star Trek themed online role playing games (RPG) for Star Trek fans. Our Star Trek simulations feature play-by-post, play-by-email, and play-by-web roleplay to fit all of your online Star Trek desires.

Hey Obsidian Fleet, are you a social media nut or marketing guru? Do you like to tell the OF story and share what makes us one of the best #roleplay #simming fleets out there? Then perhaps you need to be our next Fleet Recruitment Director!


The Joint Fleet Command is accepting applications until January 11, 2016, so take a look at the announcement below and apply. This is an exciting role in OF and we hope to get some great candidates.

Good luck!

(if the link does not work, go to obsidianfleet.net and click on the relevant news item, currently at the top)
Oh finallllly I was waiting for this to appear. Its been so long I thought that the admiralty had forgotten about Risa.

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